The Kingdom of God at Work

The Kingdom of Heaven is such an abstract and difficult thing to describe in words.  If it seems like an unfathomable concept, don’t despair!  People who knew Jesus face-to-face were perplexed by the idea as well.  In Luke 13, He is asked several times what the Kingdom of God is like.  The people around him were expecting something grand and impressive, maybe like a lion that roars and sends everyone running.  Or maybe the most powerful army ever assembled, one that could send their Roman oppressors packing. 
What he said was neither grand nor impressive. 
He likened the Kingdom to a mustard seed and to yeast.  A mustard seed is about a millimeter across.  A single yeast cell is about 1/10th the thickness of a strand of hair.  Despite their size however, both are dynamic and powerful under the right conditions.  A mustard seed, so tiny that it’s hard to see, can grow into a mustard tree nine feet tall.  Yeast is so small that it is invisible to the eye, but a very small amount can cause dozens of loaves of bread to rise. 
Both the mustard seed and yeast seem insignificant, even unimportant.  The power that they contain is easy to overlook.  The work you do every day might seem mundane, tedious and insignificant, but the power of the Kingdom lives in you. 
Lean in and listen.  It’s calling out to you from your home.  Your office.  Your workbench.  Plant your seed in the ground.  Add your pinch of yeast to the loaf.  Find your part and do it!  Pick up your tools and join in what God is doing.

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