Called to the Work at Home – Carol’s Story

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God loves to use the small and weak things of this world to stump and confound the great and powerful.  He caused a one-hundred year old man and his ninety year old wife to have a son, and hand-picked a shepherd boy to be king and topple a giant.  He chose to be born in a barn and die the death of a common thief.  When God says that His ways are not our ways, He means it.

It would be fair to say then, that the things we tend to think are impressive – a nice house in the right neighborhood, a well-funded 401k or a high-powered corporate career – may mean less to God than we think.  He does tell us that man looks at the outward appearance, but He knows what’s in the heart.

God called Carol to lay a very successful and promising career aside to be home with her children.  Even though being a stay-at-home mom lacked the glamor of the job she had left, the work was no less valuable and no less rewarding.  Carol was able to be home and present for her children for a few precious years and the Trzcinskis were able to be a help and encouragement to other families in their community.

Some of us are called to offices, hospitals or schools.  Others are called to work in kitchens, garages, shops or fields.  Others still are called to the work in our own homes, building families and communities that will glorify God for generations to come.

Ours is good work to do, regardless of where we are called to do it.

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