Work Hard, Rest Hard

As a society, we have no problem with going.  We are a people seemingly in constant motion, in a 24/7 whirlwind of task lists, email, junk mail, work demands and family obligations.  As the tempo of life increases, it seems harder and harder just to keep up, let alone get ahead.  

I sometimes think that King Solomon should have included “a time to work and a time to rest” in his famous examination of the seasons of life in Ecclesiastes 3. Indeed, it seems that workaholism is seen as a virtue, while rest is equated with laziness.  Of course, we are called to work heartily and to do whatever it is we do well.  But be sure to balance your work with rest.  Whether it’s work or play, rest or toil, do all to the glory of Jesus. 

Photo credit to woody.  Sourced via Flickr.

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