Six Ways God Works

In his vocation man does works which effect the well-being of others; for so God has made all offices. Through this work in man’s offices, God’s creative work goes forward, and that creative work is love, a profusion of good gifts. – Martin Luther

If you are not involved in traditional ministry, how can you say that what you do is important to God? 

On page 103 of her book Kingdom Calling Amy Sherman highlights six characteristics of God’s work.  His work is redemptive, creative, provisional, just, compassionate and revelatory.  If what you do falls into one of these categories – and it almost certainly does –  your work is significant because God can do his work through yours.

Redemptive Work – Does your work involve reconciliation between people?  Do you help to tell stories of redemption and encouragement?

Creative Work – Do you sculpt, paint, compose, write, design, sew, engineer or build? Are you involved in the making of things?

Provisional Work – Does what you do help to sustain creation?  Are you involved in business, policymaking, banking, finance, maintenance, repair or any other field that keep society running smoothly?

Justice Work – Are you involved in the legal system or law enforcement? Does your work involve advocacy?

Compassionate Work – Do you comfort, heal or shepherd others? Are you part of the medical, counseling or social services fields?

Revelatory Work – Do you seek wisdom and truth?  Do you teach, research, write or otherwise seek or share knowledge?

Every good thing is God’s and all good work is his work.  Do every thing in the great name of Jesus and to the good of all people!



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