Resource on Faith and Calling

I discovered a wonderful resource this morning that I thought would be good to share. is a website dedicated to exploring and discussing religion and spirituality. It is not a specifically Christian site; there are portions dedicated to 50+ world religions, each with their own articles, blog posts, and other resources. Patheos exists to serve as a resource for people looking for answers about other faiths and to be a safe place for dialogue between people of different faith backgrounds.

The specific area I’m highlighting, however, is their project called “My Faith and My Calling” which is a symposium between Patheos’ Faith and Work channel and their Evangelical channel. The result is a collection of a dozen or so articles that speak to various aspects related to living out God’s call through our work. The articles are very high-quality and written by some of the leading voices in the faith and work arena. If you want to explore further the topics of faith and work, calling, vocation, and many others, I highly recommend it!

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