Imagining a Bigger Gospel

The following is a guest post by our dear friend Tim Keener. It was originally posted on his blog at

There’s a neat story tucked away in the Bible about four leprous men (2 Kings 7). The story goes that the city of Samaria, capital of Northern Israel, was besieged by its Assyrian enemy. Being cut off from the outside world, the city began to starve and deteriorated into chaos…

These four men were not only starving, but were socially cut off, having been forced outside the city walls because their disease. They decided that since they were dying anyway, they would surrender to the enemies and maybe be spared. Then they took a risky step in the direction of the enemy camp.

To their utter surprise, they found the entire enemy gone. Tents were empty, horses gone, and food and supplies left behind. The story goes that the Lord caused the sound of a vast army to scare the enemy army away.

So, the men went from tent to tent and started filling their pockets. Imagine their relief and excitement. But, all of a sudden, a thought struck one of the men. What about the people in the city? A whole city starving without knowledge that salvation was just outside the city gates?

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