Come and Build

All who are skilled among you are to come and make everything the Lord has commanded. Exodus 35:10

Toward the end of the book of Exodus, God calls the people of Israel together. The time has come to build the tabernacle, and the call goes out to all of the people to contribute toward the project. Among the materials required are gold, silver, bronze, linen, wool, leather, wood, oil and gemstones. Anyone who had these things on hand showed up with them and contributed them. 

The entire community was invited to take part in the work God was doing. And ours is a God who still builds today. Although he no longer requires a tabernacle, God is still at work, and opportunity to join in his work abounds.

Maybe there’s an organization near you who is doing good work but needs more hands to share the load. Maybe your church has a ministry that needs someone with your gifting and enthusiasm. 

Or maybe God is inviting you into his work in such a way that add no more commitments to an already bulging calendar. What situations at work could use a little more kindness, goodness and love? What opportunities exist along the paths you walk every day? God is building beautiful things in the hearts, minds and relationships of his people. Come and help build good things! 



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