Living in the Void

I am an occasional running enthusiast.  However, I refuse to identify myself as a “runner” because to be a runner might imply some degree of proficiency.  When I run, I’m mostly proficient in groaning, wheezing, and tripping over things.  But honestly, that’s okay.  Running particularly fast or far has never really been a goal of mine.  Not passing out in a ditch is usually the primary goal.  My secondary goal is just to get some time and space totally to myself, free of any kind of interruption or distraction. 

Haruki Murakami, author and runner, said it this way, “I run in a void.  Or maybe… I run in order to acquire a void.”  For me, this void is a sacred space.  It’s a chance for my mind to chew on weighty thoughts that I tend to distract myself from the rest of the time.  Or it might be a complete respite from them.  I do my best not to let my conscious mind interfere and let my soul do whatever it needs most at the time. 

I believe that God honors that space, and leads my mind to whatever things he thinks I need.  I believe that God will shout when necessary, but prefers to whisper.  He isn’t interested in competing against the din of all of the voices in our lives.  He’s looking for those of his people who create a void and invite his presence into it.


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