Our Name

The gates of an ancient city served as much more than points of entry. Since the gates were high traffic areas for people coming and going, those who wanted to influence the greatest number of people gravitated to the gates. These throughways became the places in the city where elements of influence intermingled to create and reflect the unique culture of the city.

We realize what a great metaphor the ancient city gates are for interplay of influences that define a person and a community. The “gates” of life are where our basic, personal, compelling character is integrated and expressed. In our communities, the “gates” are the realms where people are most profoundly influencing other people, creating unique culture, giving cities their identity.

Where Godly people have influence in the gates, God is recognized in the city!

The “city gates” of our day are may be less tangible than those of ancient cities, but they are every bit as vital to the shaping of a community’s identity. Frontline Christians whose everyday work is among the areas of business, education, arts/entertainment, government, media, family science/healthcare/technology, and non-governmental social organizations are already in our city gates. Through City Gates Initiative, you are invited to approach your presence in these gates as your best opportunity to renew your context and culture in ways to bring a greater awareness of God’s love to your entire community.