Collectives are occasional gatherings designed for guided, collaborative conversation that leads to deeper understanding on timely, relevant issues or questions that we must navigate in our approach to renewing our culture and restoring our communities through our work.


The Collective is an environment that values expertise and education on the topic, while elevating the perspective and voice of each participant as vital to clarity on the issue. At the end of each Collective, all participants should benefit from deeper working understanding of the issue.


The facilitator of each Collective will aim to guide the conversation through these questions relative to the topic:


  • What is the real question or issue?
  • What tension(s) are in play?
  • Who/what is behind the tension?
  • What are the implications on our culture and community?
  • What are reliable sources of information on the subject?
  • What good might come from resolution or clarity?
  • What can we do to resolve the tension?
  • How has our understanding been shaped and clarified by gathering?


Stay tuned for a schedule of upcoming Collectives!

Do you have a topic or issue that would provide a meaningful centerpiece for a Collective? Make your suggestion by clicking here: Collective Suggestion