The Thing About Shoveling Snow

The thing about shoveling snow is that once that first snow is shoveled and clear, you’re finished for the season. The same goes for mowing the grass – if you do it right the first time, you can put the mower back the the shed when you’re done and forget about it until next spring!

If only that were so! Of course, much of the work we do is of the sort that needs to be continually done. In fact, God’s preferred method of keeping society running is through people. Some of the work most undervalued by society is essential to its function.

Martin Luther said that God himself milks cows through the vocation of the milkmaid. Similarly, God clears our streets to make them safe through the vocation of the plow truck driver, keeps our food fresh through the work of the stock clerk, and our meals sanitary through the hands of the dish washer. In these things and countless others, God uses people to maintain and sustain society. So if you feel like the job is never done, rejoice! You are doing God’s work!

Image courtesy of Thiophene_Guy
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