A Holy Discontentment

As children of God, we carry within us a bit of what I have heard best described as a “holy discontentment” – that is, a sense that things in this world aren’t quite what they ought to be. And even though we do look forward in expectation of the day when redemption is completely realized and the curse is no more, that day has not yet come. So what do we do in this between time, while the Kingdom is here but not fully realized?

In a quote I frequently find myself going back to, Henry Blackaby said, “Find out where God is at work and join Him there.”

That’s simple enough, right? But where can I know God is working and how do I join in?

If you aren’t sure, please consider joining us in Detroit for our conference on September 12. We are going to pull back the curtain on life and take a fresh look at how God uses every aspect of our lives, but particularly our work. Gather with us for a new perspective on how you can join in the work that God is already doing all around you.

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