Part of the System

In the foreword of Deidra Riggs’ new book “Every Little Thing,” Ann Voskamp reminds us that “it’s precisely because we feel small that we can walk through the world’s broken cracks and get to the heart of people and make a difference.”

To use the language of City Gates, Christians are called to be bilingual. We are to speak the language of faith, grace, salvation, encouragement and reconciliation – the good news of the gospel. But we also speak the language of our work – the ideas, skills and vocabulary that are required to carry out our everyday work. Within our work, every one of us has unique opportunities to preach God’s good news in language and actions that will be meaningful to those around us.

For more on this idea, please enjoy this excerpt from Pastor La Fayette Scales’ talk at the 2014 City Gates Conference in Columbus, Ohio. To see his talk in its entirety (or any of the others from City Gates 2014) please visit our 2014 Conference Video page.


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